Juliet Ablett

My work runs deeply through my life as an expression of myself. My work supports others who I confidently hold space for to encourage increased self awareness and understanding to lead to transformation and ultimately healing. I carry an absolute belief in the innate intelligence of the body to be able to know what it needs for these processes to complete in the highest expression for each of us. I have trained in different disciplines and experienced different teachers and ways of working over the time I have been developing this work; which my practice now reflects in the mature unfolding of my own style and approach.

I have been working with adults and children as a homeopath whilst running student clinics, low cost children’s clinics, as well as in private practice since I qualified as a professional homeopath in 1995 at the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine (now no longer running). I have used this clinical experience combined with that of my adult education tutor experience to run short introductory courses encouraging people to feel confident to use homeopathic remedies at home with their families. I love to share the knowledge to use this safe medicine at home to instil confidence in treating yourself and your family with home known remedies.

My initial homeopathic training also included nutrition and counselling, and since then I have studied to use Bach flower remedies and other essences in my practice, as well as the Japanese energy practice of Reiki healing. During 2021 I studied and qualified in Homeobotanical therapy that I have now brought into my practice. Earlier this year I completed a Post graduate course taught by the renowned homeopaths and teachers, Linda Gwillim and Bill Rumble.

In 2017 I studied with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling on a course entitled Creating Ceremony which took my group skills further and into new areas of creation including learning and practising the art of ceremony alongside native and green spirited ritual and healing. I have since developed my love of holding space for people during times of transition into running groups and small ceremonial celebrations.

The last few years have seen me exploring and developing my shamanic interest, including using sound and movement, with Glastonbury based teacher, Elen Elenna (author of Silver Wheel; The lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, written as Elen Tompkins). I was incredibly fortunate to undergo an apprenticeship with her which blossomed into a close working relationship and friendship, supporting her ceremonial work, during workshops and retreats and the first ever available Dawn Quest ceremony. For more information about my work with Silver Wheel, see https://elenelenna.com/juliet-2/

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I am a registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (M.A.R.H.), R.Hom (Registered Homeopath), M.N.C.H.M. (Member of the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine).