I hold a group locally that meets once each moon to celebrate and explore my understanding of each of these teachings. We work in different ways including using shamanic sound and journeying, working and connecting with the energies of each of the teachings in the land where we gather.

Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

A book, a body of 13 Teachings, brought through and written by Elen Elenna (written as Elen Tompkins, see www.elenelenna.com for further information on Elen and her work). Originally created many aeons ago by the Elven Ones, it is a record of their evolved wisdom of harmony with the natural world, which is now brought back to us at this time as a vehicle for transformation of consciousness on the Earth.

Silver Wheel is a medicine wheel moving around the 13 Teachings placed around the seasons and Moons of the year.

Silver Wheel Group

This group is not currently gathering.