Reiki (spoken Ray Key) can be translated as spiritual energy. It is a healing technique, originating in Japan, that is now used extensively across the world.

I use it to heal myself as well as on other people. It is a safe and non-intrusive healing system. It uses an energy that is channelled most often through the Reiki practitioner’s hands. I tend to use it as a hands off technique, only placing my hands on to you if necessary and you are comfortable with it. The person being treated usually lies down and remains fully clothed, only shoes and coats being removed. It is a very relaxing experience.

Reiki uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments, but it is also used to bring harmony and balance to all parts of you: body, mind and spirit; it is a truly holistic approach.

I am happy to give Reiki on it’s own, when you would have a session of about one hour.

Alternatively, Reiki is something that can be incorporated into a consultation for homeopathic treatment, where the information that I receive from you (your body) during the treatment being additionally useful for me in my treatment and homeopathic prescribing for you. Additional Reiki treatments can be given in-between the homeopathic consultations, whilst the homeopathic remedy is still working with you. Please do ask me if you might be interested in this approach.

I am not currently offering Reiki.