Flower Remedies

Dr.Bach was the first to develop this kind of remedy in this country during the early decades of the 20th century when he eventually completed a set of 38 different remedies mostly from plants and flowers. The Rescue, or Five flower remedy is the most well known and used by many people across the world today.

In more recent years other remedy sets have been developed, mostly from plants but also including crystals and minerals.

I trained with the locally based Healing Herbs and I would recommend their beautifully developed range of Bach Flower remedies to anyone who is interested in learning about them and trying some out for themselves.

The remedies are safe to use by all, and different single remedies can be combined to form a unique remedy just for you. The remedies are taken as drops, usually in a glass of water, and can be taken for many weeks or months; they can also be taken frequently during times of acute distress or discomfort. The remedies are very subtle, but nevertheless very powerful. The energy of the original substance is passed into clean spring water by the power of natural sunlight or by the heat of fire.

The Flower remedies are used to treat the emotional states that all of us develop, which Dr. Bach believed was the cause of all physical health problems. Whether that is a lifelong tendency to a depressed state or the very recent development of flashes of anger and jealousy a young child might exhibit at the arrival of a younger sibling; the flower remedies can help to balance the person and restore whatever difficulty is being experienced. The flower remedies are also suitable for physical symptoms.

Flower Remedies Consultation

All consultations take an hour. The consultation is time for you to focus on a particular issue or a difficult time in your life; the consultation will allow you to talk about your situation with a view to giving you a greater understanding of what is happening. The remedies are also very useful at times of transition in our lives, for example during pregnancy, for teenagers, during periods of grief or other challenging times.

At the end of the consultation a combination of flower remedies will be prescribed and made up, ready for you to take away. The remedies are in liquid form in a dropper bottle from which you can take several drops each day for an agreed period of time. The drops are pleasant and easy to take.

You retain responsibility for your treatment throughout the process. You can increase the frequency of drops if you feel the need to during difficult times.

The consultation costs £60 including the 30 ml bottle of individualised remedy combination. (There is an additional fee of £5 if the remedy needs posting out to you.)

You should book another appointment as and when you need to.