This cycle of Circles for Women, Growing Towards Your Self, starts this week on Wednesday 17th January. The title came to me from the image that I have from reading some of Dr.Edward Bach’s books and writings on health and healing. The pictorial image is, for me, of a seedling growing up and towards the light and if you have ever grown anything, you will know that you can turn the plant around as it grows to stop it leaning too far towards the source of the light, creating a slightly undultating stem. I feel that we can be like this in our lives as we change and adapt to what life is showing us at any one point in time, we may ‘bend over backwards’ to accommodate some new need or ‘take another direction’ in life as a new opportunity arises or as you realise that your current job/partner is not actually right for you.
Dr. Bach talks about how we come to happiness, and thus health, if our Soul (as the light source) and our lives, our personality part of us, our Ego, are aligned; that is growing in the same direction. The Soul holds the blueprint for this current Earth life and if we allow the material and wordly desires or the persuasion of some other person to distract us from that, to ‘lead us astray’ from our own path of what and who we truly are, then this brings conflict and allows dis-ease to develop that will go on to affect our physical body. There are clues along the way that we may notice before the physical symptoms develop but we don’t always notice these.,

This cycle of Circles will focus on allowing ourselves to drop into a deep place of relaxation and connection with yourself. Maybe you will receive a clear image of what you want to be doing this year, maybe you will be quiet enough to hear that small voice that has been talking to you for a while about where and what you could be doing.

This week the Element of Fire will be our guide.

Come and join us, see here for details.