I look down into the river; the deep, daunting and seemingly still waters. A little further on the silver light bounces with the water, jumping up over the stones, showing themselves in this low, summer river. The water moves on, constant motion, round and round, on and on, sometimes a slow and barely perceptible trickle, but always some movement.

It is a mirror reflecting our smiles, our inquisitive looks, hiding the secrets of it’s depths. It is a comforting, constant gurgle, reassuring to our ears. It is the roar, the terrifyingly fast movement of heavy flood encasing all in it’s path. It is the ebb and flow of the tides, the endless in and out upon the shore, the sight of which goes on in an endless pool unto the far horizon. It is the rain that falls, moistening our gardens, watering our plants, filling our reservoirs. The upwards bubbling, the emerging of the healing spring waters from the deep and dark below, emerging after unknown times within and as part of the body of the Earth. The crashing mountain waterfall carrying the waters from their heights to the lands below. It is the majestic, huge and incredibly slow moving glaciers, history of earlier times trapped within their midsts.

It is our refresher, our cleanser, our enjoyment. We take a cool shower in it; a warm and relaxing bath in it; we play in it; it supports our whole body weight, no matter who we are, when we choose to immerse ourselves in it; it supports our kayaks, our fishing boats, our passenger ferries and our huge freighters, allowing us to travel on it.

It is a symbol of our emotions, the ups and downs of our lives; governed by the waxing and waning of our moon.

It waters and refreshes us, cleanses and restores us; but fundamentally it is us, without water we could not survive. Almost three quarters of ourselves is water; more when we are younger, less as we dry out and get older.


It is our life, as it is to our planet, our Mother Earth.

We do well to recognise and remember this. Each one of us has the opportunity each and every day to be grateful and give thanks to Water for it’s presence in our lives. We are lucky here, we all have access to clean and abundant water, that we use everyday for all sorts of things. We can say thank you each time we run the shower, turn the tap to fill our glass, stand with a hose pipe giving a life line to our drooping plants, welcome the rain that comes after a period of dryness.

I have written here before of the homeopathic and flower remedies that I love and use in my work. Water is the medium in which the flower remedies are made and their magic healing transferred to us. This is more than refreshment; water has the ability to hold a pattern, a memory, the essence of a delicate flower within it. The energy of our words and our thoughts can also imprint upon and be carried by water as well as effect a change upon it.

The magic of water! Please all do remember it, reflect upon it and consider your use of it; be thankful, celebrate and enjoy it in whichever way makes your heart sing.

It is our life, the life of all beings, and the life of our planet.

Always remain adventurous. Never forget for a single moment that life belongs to those who are explorers. It does not belong to the static; it belongs to the flowing. Never become a reservoir; always remain a river” Osho

This article first appeared in The Hedge, 2016