A homeopathic consultation for a child or young person can be extremely beneficial to both the child and the parents.

An initial consultation will last an hour giving the space to really explore what the problems being experienced are. These might be of a physical nature (recently I have had parents consulting me for nappy rash, skin problems, recurrent sore throats) or emotional or behavioural issues such as tantrums and sleep difficulties, or it could be to do with learning difficulties that are showing up at school or nursery. There is time to ask questions about what is going on, and for advice that would be helpful and supportive.

As homeopathy is holistic in it’s approach and treatment, a label or diagnosis isn’t necessary, just your observations as a parent, other relatives or teachers. The input of the child is also particularly welcome.

A complete case and medical history is taken, alongside full details of any medication and other treatment that is being undergone. A full description of what the current problem is is also taken. This time given to fully exploring the situation is always very much welcomed by the family, and valuable connections are often made and different perceptions reached that are helpful to all involved. Often we are so close to what is going on it can be hard to see the fuller picture.

Homeopathic remedies are easy to take, palatable to the taste and are not addictive. They can also be taken alongside other medication should that be necessary. I will also recommend other natural remedies/supplements that I think may be helpful as well as other therapies if these would be supportive.

It is good to treat problems as they come along; leaving things to get worse, or for habits to become more deeply ingrained usually just mean it takes longer to sort the problem out once you do seek help. A consultation is a helpful and supportive experience. Please do contact me to find out more about how I might be able to help you.