You have made an appointment to come and consult me, so what can you expect?

My aim is to create a space where you are able to feel physically and emotionally comfortable to enable you to tell me what the reason for your visit is. If you are an adult coming for homeopathic treatment then you will have one and half hours to talk and answer questions. I am aiming to create, what I tell the children I work with, a picture of you in words. We will both sit on chairs; there is no examination of you. If you are also having Reiki with me then you may lie down, but you remain fully clothed (apart from coats and shoes). If you are bringing a child for treatment then it is often a good idea to bring a few toys or books for them to play with during their time with me (depending where I am when I see you, there may already be some toys to play with).

It will really help you if you have considered why you have come to see me and brought all relevant information to mind beforehand, if this is possible. It also helps to bring a note of all medicines and supplements that you are taking. I will need a full medical and social history so you may also want to bring this to memory and make any notes that will assist you during the consultation. You may also wish to bring someone with you, but make sure that you can be completely comfortable with them too. Having said all of this, we will work with whatever we have on the day; and this is perfectly fine too!

What does help us both is when when you are clear that want to make some changes; that you are ready to adjust whatever is causing you the problem that you are consulting me about. I am always very accomodating and will work with you at the speed that you need to work at. This process is about starting to make links about different parts of your life, looking at what might not be serving you in the best way and deciding the best way forward for you at this time. The remedies and other advice that I may give you are meant to help address these changes and work with the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. These symptoms may be having an impact on you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, and we can have a look and address all of these in the time scale that suits you. For me, as a practitioner, it helps to be working with someone who is prepared to take responsibility for their own health. Initially this will be with support, (not necessarily just from me); the consultation is part of a process to balance, to health, to wholeness.

On a more practical note, I always take my notes away to reflect on them for a period of time, meaning that I do not prescribe at the time of the consultation; your remedy will arrive, ususally by post, a few days after the appointment.

Please do ask me any questions that you have regarding any of this, or any other possible aspect of treatment, either at your appointment, or by phone before you commit to making an appointment. Choosing someone to work with is an important decision, so please do ask what you need to know so that you can feel really comfortable once you embark on the process.