Intuitive Medicine.

I have been working for a long time as a homeopath, which I still love to do, but it is now time to allow the flowing of other forms of healing that I have been developing into my healing practice.

Homeopathy as a stand alone therapy will continue to be available.

I intend that the integrated practice will use the strength of the structure of a homeopathic consultation. From this will flow what is needed by your own being. I will prescribe homeopathic remedies or use biochemic tissue salts or herbal tinctures or maybe use flower remedies, or orchid or other essences. These essences may be given during the treatment whilst you are experiencing a relaxing Reiki session, for example, or you may have something to take away with you. Other tools will be brought into use as I gather them during my own learning and experience. I may include a suggestion of other treatments that would be beneficial from other disciplines or practitioners.

The consultation will probably be of a longer time duration that I have used before, and it will be flexibile, being able to be a flow between what you, the person requesting the treatment needs, and myself as the practitioner feels able to offer you at that time.

This feels a potent way of working, where I will be able to respond on different levels to what is needed. A dis-ease is often experienced on an emotional or spiritual level before it manifests in any physical way in your body. This sense is what people often bring to me in their consultations; it feels good to be able to offer more than one way to reflect this and to approach this work.

Please do contact me with any questions about any aspect of this; and if this sounds exciting to you and would like to explore this flexibile approach further, then I would love to hear from you. Contact me.